Our brand marketing strategy should be your long-term plan to strengthen your brand’s position in the marketplace. This strategy directs efforts to purposely educate consumers about your brand.

    Branding is about You.
    Marketing is about your customers.

    We can show you all sorts of examples and case studies and cool drawings that we did in a sketchbook when we did in between conference calls, but at the end of the day you need a solution built for you and your brand. So below we have outlined a handful of the most common requests we get and a brief description on how we tackle each of them. After looking through these cleverly crafted bullet points and business jargon, click that red button at the bottom and lets stop messing around and just chat it out. We had fun filling out our site, but we would much rather hash this thing out and get to work on YOUR stuff!

    Which one of these sounds about right?

    1. Strategy/Planning

      STS has been fortunate to create brands from the ground up for many leading B2C and B2B companies as well as numerous amazing brands you haven’t even heard of. We start from scratch and work with you to build something amazing.


      • Discovery/Strategy
      • Brand Platform
      • Consumer Journey
      • Digital Marketing
    2. Brand Development

      The establishment of a brand provides an opportunity for your company to tap into a lucrative market that can lead to the formation of a new business or unit with a strategic advantage.


      • Internal Messaging
      • Audience Messaging
      • Brand Identity
      • Digital Marketing
    3. Refresh

      Sometimes a subtle pivot is all you need to kick the revenue machine in the rear end. We will put on our white gloves and handle your brand with care, keeping the things you cherish and hold sacred, and adjust what needs adjusting to make sure your existing customers still know its you, but create something new enough to find that new consumer


      • Brand Audit
      • Brand Strategy
      • Updated messaging
      • Identity
      • Brand Expression
      • Digital Marketing
    4. Brand Expression

      With your refined branding and clear tactics we are ready to bring your products and services to life for an introduction to the world. This could take the form of packaging systems, branded content, campaign development etc. that give you the advantage to stand out against your competitors.


      • Discovery
      • Packaging Systems
      • Campaign Development
      • Branded Content
      • Experiential
    5. New site design

      Have you spent time making an amazing brand and follow, dialed in your products, but forgot to keep your site up to date during that time? We can help with that. With in depth UX and UI phases followed up by a detailed oriented development cycle, STS can rebuild an amazing e-commerce or Lead generation site that does what you need it to.


      • Discovery
      • UX/Wireframing
      • Interactive Design
      • Development
      • Digital Marketing
    6. Marketing/design collateral

      Ok, your brand is dialed, site is up and cookin’, but you just need some extra hands capable of making beautiful words and pictures to keep the machine running. STS has some of the most talented creatives in the game and we are locked and loaded waiting to make some awesome stuff for you.


      • Discovery
      • Brand Audit
      • Creative services
      • Messaging

    How we work with you.

    1. PLAN

      Where you are vs. where you want to be.

      You may already have an idea of what you need or you may just have an amazing idea and need our help to figure out whats next. This is the time to lay out all the cards on the table and choose your own destiny. Get into the nitty gritty and dont be scared to dream big. This is the time to develop the road map that we will follow together for the weeks, months and years to come. Planning makes perfect and its time to make the plan.

      Brand Platform
      KPI Identification
      Stakeholder Interview
      Marketing Strategy

      Deliverable: Planning Roadmap/Marketing Strategy

      Capability: Planning/Strategy

    2. DEFINE

      This is your story and how it should be told.

      You are the are the author of your brands story, but we will help you get that pen to paper. Diving deep into the brand elements that make you, you and setting the framework for all the work to come. We will identify your ideals, your position in the market and all the things that will make you stand out. Writing the rules so we always know our true north.

      Brand Messaging
      Brand Ideal
      Brand Mantra
      Brand Identity
      Design Systems

      Deliverable: Brand Guidelines

      Capability: Copywriting/Design

    3. DEVELOP

      Where the rubber meets the road.

      Taking all the eloquent language and structure defined in the previous phases, it’s time to break out the consumer lens and make beautiful consumer facing messaging and creative. Based on the the pre planned visual tactics, we will get to work designing the aesthetics of your brand, from consumer messaging to logo, color and typography, how you show up in the newsfeed and what packaging and marketing collateral will look like.

      Packaging Design
      Campaign Concepts
      Website/app UX/UI Design
      Apparel/graphic Design

      Deliverable: Creative Concepts

      Capability: Copywriting/design

    4. FORTIFY

      Chapter one of your story, produced.

      Concepts are refined and tactics are clear. Now we send this to the production team and start cranking out beautiful and suable pieces of creative and messaging ready for an introduction to the world. Overlaying the previous creative direction with media plans and go-to-market schedules, we will produce all the needed assets to make this dream a reality. This included photo and video shoots, working with printers to make sure no detail is missed and getting that website dialed in and ready to rock.

      Packaging Production
      Advertising Creative
      Website/app Development
      Content Creation

      Deliverable: Produced Creative

      Capability: Copywriting/design/development

    5. OBSERVE

      Observe, learn and report. Find what works best, rinse and repeat.

      When that first piece of creative hits the web or the first product hits the shelf it’s already time to get ready for the next big thing. Monitoring what is working, what isn’t and getting ready for the next product launch is the continuation of all the hard work, not the end. You are only as hot as your next drop and we got lots of work left to do. Can’t stop, wont stop.

      Creative adjustments
      Messaging adjustments

      Deliverable: Updated creative assets

      Capability: Copywriting/Design