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    Empowering businesses with secure data

    Protegrity is a powerhouse of robust yet elegant solutions for managing the worlds biggest brands cyber security. However their web presence had fallen behind their cutting edge technology so they enlisted STS to create a ground up rebuild of their consumer facing website. Starting in UX and driving through UI and development, STS took to task a massive rebuild for this data security giant.

    A website is more than just a sum of all it’s parts. It’s a delicate balance of business needs, user experience, and visual design. STS works hard to include our clients in every process to make sure we are balancing our experience in design with the clients knowledgeable of their own business and consumers. This balance allows us to create experiences that blend all requirements and look damn good too.


    Starting with the UX or User experience phase, STS dug in to analytics and looked for patterns in the way protegrity’s users navigated their current site. From this research, STS was able to determine navigation structure and consumer journeys that align to their consumers needs while driving to important information Protegrity wants to deliver. Creating wireframes of key pages allows STS to get a blueprint of whats to come and create a game plan for design and development.

    Once we have outlined and established wireframes in the UX phase, its time to move on to the interactive design phase. This is when the approved structure of pages begins to come to life with color, typography, and imagery to help create not only a efficiently structures site, but one as beautiful and elegant as protegrity’s cyber security solutions.

    Sales Kick-Off Conference

    The Protegrity SKO (Sales Kick-off) is the adrenaline shot that ignites their team’s momentum, aligning every member with a shared vision and propelling them towards collective success. It’s the pulse of their brand, with vibrant energy that fuels motivation and fosters connection among thier sales team. This goal-driven gathering acts as the catalyst for innovation, fostering collaboration and unveiling strategies that amplify their competitive edge. Through dynamic workshops, inspirational speakers, and immersive activities, it not only educates but invigorates, ensuring every participant leaves equipped with the tools, drive, and a unified purpose to conquer challenges and triumph in the marketplace.

    With their marketing team’s sales goals and vision the theme became the heartbeat that pulsed through every visual, message, and experiential touchpoint meticulously crafted by the design team. We translated their ambitious aspirations into a kaleidoscope of vibrant visuals, infused with dynamic energy and forward-looking motifs. Every graphic, video, color choice, and layout echoed their vision, evoking a sense of anticipation and progress. The message was a symphony of motivational narratives, visualizing their goals while igniting excitement and determination. The experience itself was a whirlwind of interactive elements and engaging activities, strategically curated to immerse their sales teams in their goals of progress and success, leaving them inspired and aligned with the brands vision for the forthcoming year.