by quilters, for quilters

    Once people ski Sun Valley, they know there’s nowhere else in the world like it.

    The Challenge

    So getting return visitors? That’s the easy part. We’re looking to find the ones who don’t even know they need to come here yet. Eye-catching creative merged with a hyper-targeted media plan ensures the right work gets in front of the right eyes, and drives potential skiers to an engaging web experience worthy of our mountains.

    Our campaign direction follows a specific plan: Find out, get stoked, you’re here, and remember. Each reflects a different stage of the target’s journey over the course of our
    “Find Out” will be primarily paid media raising awareness and driving to the Sun Valley site,
    “Get Stoked” are engaging platforms users actively seek out and spread virally,
    “You’re Here” enhances the experience while visiting,
    “Remember” are takeaways to reflect and get excited for next year.

    Across all of our suggested platforms, we will target Sun Valley’s key Geographic regions, including: Wasatch Front, California Coastal hubs and Boise Metro.

    Goals and Objectives

    • Grow brand awareness and understanding in key markets.
    • Increase annual skier visits and hotel revenue.
    • Differentiate Sun Valley Resort’s experience from competitors.

    Our Strategy

    • Develop a fully integrated campaign across multiple channels
    • Clearly differentiate Sun Valley from the key competitors
    • Create opportunities for all marketing teams to activate on the brand ideal
    • Consider the consumer decision journ ey in our tactical executions
    • Ensure in-season tac tics are incorporated or considered in the campaign
    • Leverage paid media to support earned opportunities, aligning messages where possible
    • Create campaign landing pages focused on micro-conversions
    (reducing bounce rates)

    Campaign concept

    The uninitiated come to Sun Valley looking for exceptional experiences – and they certainly find them. Before long, though, they realize that what will bring them back is deeper and more profound than just the sum of all there is to do here. Sun Valley has changed them, renewed them, showed them what is possible, reminded them of who they would like to be and how they could live if they ignored the noise. To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, in writing about what drew Ernest Heming-way to Sun Valley, “this place brings them back to their center.”

    The essence of Sun Valley is the drive to build something bigger than oneself; to take responsibility for another; to work and provide for others’ benefit. Sun Valley is about doing more than is nec-essary or expected because you can. It is sharing with others instead of taking from them so that everybody is better off.

    It doesn’t take long for the newcomer to discover what we have known since we were new to this place ourselves—Sun Valley is full of amazing experiences, but those experiences truly become life changing when they are shared. It is in the giving that this place really becomes a part of us. Welcome to the Sun Valley experience.